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Creative U - An Adult Arts Creative Workshop Series taught by Ken Hillberry

Ken Hillberry

Ken Hillberry is a native of West Virginia, now residing since 2007 in Asheville, NC. He has called North Carolina home for nearly 25 years. Ken received his BFA in Fine Art from West Virginia University, where he concentrated in drawing, painting and printmaking.

After receiving his degree, Ken worked commercially as an illustrator and graphic designer, while continuing to study and practice in a studio environment. It was during this time of combining commercial and studio approaches that he discovered his strengths lay more heavily in studio production of his paintings and relief work.

He has experience in teaching or facilitating classes and workshops in k-12, post secondary environments through continuing education formats and artists in classrooms. Having worked with students of all ages, Ken works with drawing, watercolor, mixed media and printmaking. His focus is accessing, utilizing and enhancing the inherent creative nature in everyone, novice or seasoned in student oriented programs.

Ken has exhibited throughout the east and southeast. The content of his work evolves from life experiences, social and environmental relationships, and his application stemming from the influences of impressionism to abstract expressionism.

One of the most artful and enriching experiences he was fortunate to participate in was the rearing of two sons, who continue to inspire and motivate him. This nurturing relationship opened real and imaginary doors through which a body of work called “Endangered” emerged. This concept has remained an integral vantage point in his work. The “Endangered” series, was an atypical view of near-extinct wildlife, offering a noble and mysterious impression of a perspective of harmony and balance, even a fragility evident in art and life forms alike.

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Sean Pace (Jinx) art exhibit opening

Opening Reception Friday, August 13th 7:00 p.m.

The exhibit is open from August 13th through September 26th at The Satellite Gallery located at 55 Broadway Street Asheville NC. They can be reached at 828.505.2225.

A photojournalist from Chapel Hill University followed Sean aka "Jinx" around for a week and put this short video together. Please take a minute and watch, http://www.carolinaphotojournalism.org/cpjw/2009/art/.

The Great Recession

Thanks to our sponsors: The Dan Lucas Memorial Foundation * Riverlink * Nona Mia’s – and thanks to those who came out and had a great time!

Check out the photos from The Great Recession Party last month!