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Flood Gallery presents:
Travelers:  New work by Maureen Robinson

Trainhoppers, a curious subculture that not only exists, but thrives as one of the many social constructs in America today.  These ‘Travelers’ are shunned, avoided, and rejected by the status quo.  Their lives are harsh and difficult and lived in the extreme.  Often these people are hot, cold, hungry, wet, dirty, and uncomfortable.  Riding trains is a noisy, bumpy, greasy, and terribly dangerous way to travel.  Who are these people?  Photographer, Maureen Robinson asked herself this question, and then went out with her camera to study them. 

 Robinson’s photographs tell many stories, stories of loneliness, intrigue, fear, and rejection.  But mostly, these images beg questions of a deeper nature, questions about lifestyles, and ambitions, and a value system with its roots in capitalism. 

 And then again, perhaps it’s just about adventure.

 Please join Maureen Robinson as she opens her exhibition at the Flood Gallery on Saturday, December 1st from 6-9pm.

 It's a conversation worth having.