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Flood Mission

Flood Fine Art Center is a non-profit contemporary art institution dedicated to advancing the careers of emerging and mid career artists, as well as educating the public and furthering the understanding of contemporary art and its importance within the community and beyond. We aim to provide a stimulating environment for artists so that they will successively enlighten, challenge, inspire, and elevate awareness for the necessity of art in contemporary culture.

Flood Fine Art Center seeks to be a vital cultural resource for Asheville through providing funding and space for innovative local and national artists as well as curators who stretch boundaries in all media. Through our extensive exhibition schedule, residency program, educational activities, presentations and publications we aim to serve a diverse audience that will in turn enhance quality of life and provide opportunities and experiences that would otherwise be unavailable.


Ari Richter August 4th-29th, 2007


The primary focus of Ari Richter’s art is to reconcile the representation vs. the reality of that which he depicts. Richter finds a disconnect in most representational art between the subject matter of the work and the materials used. In his recent work, Richter constrains himself to using only materials that have associations to the subject matter depicted. This associative manner of approaching art ensures a bond between the artist, the materials and the subject matter.

Much of Ari Richter’s work deals with domesticated animals and their various renewable and non-renewable materials. Tom Patterson from the Winston-Salem Journal has described Richter’s art as “Critically effective…ironically emblematic comments on the human exploitation of other animal species.”

Ari Richter is a young artist and recent graduate of the Master of Fine Arts program at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Richter is a native to Florida, where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is Drawing & Painting from Florida State University. He is a new resident to Asheville, and when he is not working in his home studio, he can be found selling natural and organic meats.