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Flood Gallery presents: Cory Bradley
Opening Reception: June 1st, 2013, from 6pm-9pm

When he is creating new work, CL Bradley entertains whatever it is that interests him. It is through this notion that he finds validity in his work. Though it holds weight in the end, the audience interpretation is the last thing on his mind upon conception of the subject. And because of this, the viewer is left to draw their own conclusions based on specific elements; often leaving one to ponder about his purpose. This usually sparks conversation, and the responses (positive or negative) are what he is able to carry on to his next project.
Often, the subject has to be continuously amusing, presenting itself with many avenues of perspective before he can consider getting his materials together. Bradley states: “each road does not have to take the same direction, but must converge to the same point. This “point”, is the thesis, and the sole reason for any works of mine to exist.”
Paintings are only the byproduct of mentally stimulating, thought provoking and playful ideas that amuse him when he is alone. Down time is often filled with thoughts influenced by other art forms that encourage concentration on ideals which some may consider poetic. Some may be culturally challenging, making the old fashion, close minded feel uncomfortable. Some are not acceptable to blurt out in public. Either side of the fence he happens to fall on that day are none of his concern. The primary aim is to target the underlying emotion in what thoughts may be consuming his time and to translate a like, digestible, and representational impression which does not need commentary, (not specific to any language or culture) to leave a lasting impression. Here lies the difficulty. This is the obstacle which feeds his competitive nature, and this personal, internal competition to have each work more captivating than the last is what fuels the works he adheres his name to. “This is what I love, and this is what I do” says Bradley.
CL. Bradley is an Oil Painter who was born in Columbia, South Carolina, in 1983 and now works in New York City, NY. He received a BA from Ringling School of Art and Design, and then immediately moved to New York months after graduation, where he currently resides. Bradley has shown in the Flood Gallery (group exhibit) in 2006, and in a few group exhibits in NYC since then. He smiles from time to time, and believes that long walks on the beach are a waste of time. Please join the artist for his opening reception on Saturday, June 1st from 6-9pm. His work will be exhibited through July 27th..