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Brian Mashburn


My upcoming show at Flood will focus on labor, industry, and narcissism. It will be titled, simply, "Work". Given the timing of the exhibition (November of an election year), as well as our impending doom (the Mayan prophecy for December 2012) I feel these themes are quite relevant.

April 2013
Architecting the Iranian Revolution--Paradox, Propaganda, and Persuasion
is an exhibition of Poster Art, Film, Architecture, and Photography from or as a result of the Iranian Revolution in 1979. The 140 never before exhibited posters, courtesy of the Courtyard Gallery Collection are from the period of the late sixties through eighties and have been described as important to the understanding of illustration and poster art: “because the traces of the American, French, Russian, and even Cuban revolutions are all evident it this collection…the significance of this collection is beyond just Iran and reaches a much wider circle.” states Hamid Dabashi, an Iranian Poster Art and Film expert currently at Columbia University.


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