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Flood Mission

Flood Fine Art Center is a non-profit contemporary art institution dedicated to advancing the careers of emerging and mid career artists, as well as educating the public and furthering the understanding of contemporary art and its importance within the community and beyond. We aim to provide a stimulating environment for artists so that they will successively enlighten, challenge, inspire, and elevate awareness for the necessity of art in contemporary culture.

Flood Fine Art Center seeks to be a vital cultural resource for Asheville through providing funding and space for innovative local and national artists as well as curators who stretch boundaries in all media. Through our extensive exhibition schedule, residency program, educational activities, presentations and publications we aim to serve a diverse audience that will in turn enhance quality of life and provide opportunities and experiences that would otherwise be unavailable.

October 6 th through October 31st

Flood Gallery presents C.J. Phillips

Growing up in Eastern Kentucky, C.J. Phillips always wanted to be an Artist.   Phillips, a self taught artist, works not from life, but from the imagination.   Her award winning paintings, sculptures and assemblages are inhabited by emotive, mysterious images of people, animals and eggs emerging from rich, densely layered surfaces.  

Phillips talks about her art:   "My art is memories; sometimes embellished or even invented memories.   Playing in the hollers and on the hills of eastern Kentucky my life was about imagination.   I guess it still is today.   As a four-year-old girl, I found an abandoned baby robin.   My mother and I fed and nursed it back to health and the robin was my playmate staying outside by day and inside by night.   One hot summer day we visited my grandparents and cousins in the country and took my bird along.   While there, showing my cousins how it could drink I pushed its beak into the water and it immediately went limp, dead from drowning.   This was my first knowledge of death and its finality.   That emotional trauma is expressed in my artwork.   I paint expressing life, loss and death using eggs, animals, crosses and people.   I have found that black, white, gray and sometimes color best show these ideas.   Adding found and made objects also help me in expressing my feelings."

Phillips' techniques are hers alone.   Painting with acrylic and house paint on scrimmed wood she often adds found and made objects of glass, paper, polyclay, metal, rope, wood, etc.   Her work conveys a universal message, which irrevocably connects artist and viewer.

Her works are featured in corporate environments and private homes throughout the country. Phillips' studio is located in downtown Roanoke, Virginia.  

Please join us for an opening reception on Saturday, October 6 th from 7:00-10:00 pm.