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The FLOOD proudly presents:

Oh Kaos

August 7 - September 5, 2009
Opening Reception Friday August7th


oh kaos

The Flood Gallery Fine Art Center is pleased to announce a group show featuring local and national artists. The works address the range of possibilities between the ideas of “OK” and “chaos.” The show will feature works that address these ideas in a literal, humorous, or more conceptual sense. Included works range from Beatriz Mendoza’s detailed drawing of plant detritus breaking down, overlaid with analytical geometric mapping, to Rebecca Keller’s painting of New Orleans in which the artist poured oh kaos picmud, allowing the canvas to stain, shrink, and crack. Zeph Fishlyn will create a kinetic sculpture, a “self-triggering chaotic motion duet”, by means of simple motors and found objects. New York artist Trevor Reese will install a drum piece spread throughout the gallery, inviting visitors to take part in a drummer’s quintet. Michael Folliet and the Wallpaper Group include a multimedia compilation fed to two monitors, exploring manifestations of discontinuous media and storytelling. The imagery and sound will on occasion sync and then go out of sync. Megan Levacy includes a small work on paper, an individual looking into a dusty storm of watercolor, acrylic and India ink. Regarding this work, “Devour”, the artist states, “Sometimes I feel as though the world will devour me unless I devour it first.”

Hillsboro artist Joseph Gargasz will include an enticing abstract mapping painting. Local artist Jason Sabbides, known for his paintings, will show “line of sight,” a surrealist drawing that is part human anatomical study, part bird, well, we’ll leave the rest up to you. Photographer Brent Fleury features a beautiful photograph featuring 4 young angsty and mischevious young men, not quite fitting into their prim and proper suits, pacing with a baseball bat in front of a scene, which leads you to wonder if they are responsible for. Dean Lettenstrom includes a painting/collage that in itself a magical illusion, “Multi-Tasking Conjurer (Suz)" Susan Webb Tregay includes a light hearted, yet chaotic skewed vision of a residential setting, “This Way” at part of the Free-Range Children Series. Zen Sutherland will include a selection of his “Standing There” series, in which the artist photographs a variety of locations, using his own feet as grounding in a chaotic world. Simon Goldberg has taken a hair from his girlfriend to create a 3-dimensional universe, literally crawling with life. Leif Johnson includes a boldly colorful, and wildly layered painting. Well-known local poet Mark Prudowsky’s works, “Ars Poetica” and “For Gabrielle Calvocoressi” will be featured on the wall, next to visual works of art. Melisa McKee, a.k.a. Vitiatra, will be joining us for a one-night oh kaos imagesperformance, featuring a long text piece based on supernatural experience (often experienced as trauma, but not always) entitled “Marina.” If we are lucky, Vitiatra may also include a dance theatre section featuring a stuffed squid of the artist’s making. More artists will include visual works, and a lineup of additional special performances will be featured on Friday, August 7 for the night of the opening only, a night not to be missed!

The exhibition will be on view at the Flood Gallery Fine Art Center at 109 Roberts Street, in the River Arts District. Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.


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