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Phil Kurz

Exhibit ran April 14 - June 3rd, 2018

the point in between: the ART of PHIL KURZ
revolution, religion, identity, insanity…and love
GRAND OPENING in Black Mountain with the Art of Phil Kurz and Concert.
Curated by Cynthia Hatfield
Introductions by Oguz Erdur and Keith Frederick
Live music was performed by Mandon Bluegrass
Curated by Cynthia Hatfield the evening with also feature Introductions by Oguz Erdur and Keith Frederick and include live American Folk music by TRIO OF FRIENDS all at the new location at 850 Blue Ridge Rd.
Phil Kurz was born in Washington, D.C. in 1951 and lived, worked and exhibited within a few miles of there in Kensington, Maryland. His extended family had already spawned generations of painters, dancers, artisans and writers who saw the beauty in the world and tried to share that with others. Phil’s work shows the influences of the Russian Expressionists and Asian artists he most admired, yet it is uniquely his own. In addition to his myriad drawings and paintings, he was an incredibly prolific writer. He developed an extensive comic-strip/graphic-novel, produced journals, a revolutionary manifesto, scrapbooks, abstract visual narratives, all enclosed in his custom wood-crafted boxes.
Phil's art ranges in style from graphic figures & illustrations to geometric & organic abstractions. Highly-intelligent, serious, honest & sensitive, the schizophrenia that plagued him also informed him. "In short," states Oguz Erdur, professor of Anthropology at UNCA, " Phil's art attracts me, draws me in and promises a tragic encounter—tragic in the sense that life itself is tragic: we all know what happens at the end. But that tragedy becomes a beautiful one when we encounter those whose company gives us joy and solace by allowing us to recognize a piece of ourselves in their lives, past and present. And that to me is the definition of anthropology anyway: a detour to the self that goes through the other… "
A percentage of sales of select works will go to the Unicef Safety in School Fund and the Asheville Southside Kitchen in memory of Phil Kurz. An 84 page full color exhibition catalog will also be available for sale.
Exhibit ran from April 14 - June 3, 2018

  Phil Kurz, departed Planet Earth on July 22, 2016. He has left a void. He has also left his work – and memories of a life dedicated to fighting for love, beauty, and kindness.

For more of Phil Kurz’ story and art, visit




Margaret Curtis --New Paintings and Drawings
Opening: March 18th, 2017 4pm to 7pm

Images of the Iranian Revolution-Paradox, Propaganda, and Persuasion.

Lost Causes is an exhibition of Poster Art, Film, Architecture, and Photography from or as a result of the Iranian Revolution in 1979. The 140 never before exhibited posters, courtesy of the Courtyard Gallery Collection are from the period of the late sixties through eighties and have been described as important to the understanding of illustration and poster art: “because the traces of the American, French, Russian, and even Cuban revolutions are all evident it this collection…the significance of this collection is beyond just Iran and reaches a much wider circle.” states Hamid Dabashi, an Iranian Poster Art and Film expert currently at Columbia University.


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