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Flood Fine Art Center is a non-profit contemporary art institution dedicated to advancing the careers of emerging and mid career artists, as well as educating the public and furthering the understanding of contemporary art and its importance within the community and beyond. We aim to provide a stimulating environment for artists so that they will successively enlighten, challenge, inspire, and elevate awareness for the necessity of art in contemporary culture.

Flood Fine Art Center seeks to be a vital cultural resource for Asheville through providing funding and space for innovative local and national artists as well as curators who stretch boundaries in all media. Through our extensive exhibition schedule, residency program, educational activities, presentations and publications we aim to serve a diverse audience that will in turn enhance quality of life and provide opportunities and experiences that would otherwise be unavailable.





"Lines: Sculpture by Robert Winkler"


Opening Reception May 17th 7:00pm to 10:00pm

Generously sponsored by Barefoot Wines

On view May 17th - June 21st

ASHEVILLE, NC -- Flood Gallery Fine Art Center ("Flood Gallery") is proud to present "Lines: Sculpture by Robert Winkler."   Robert Winkler, co-founder of RiverSculpture Festival, explores his ability to transform a geometric progression into an emblem of the balance between conflicting forces where expansion and growth are opposed to the comfortable and most familiar.

"Lines: Sculpture by Robert Winkler" will be on view from May 17 th through June 22 nd , 2008 and the opening reception, sponsored by Barefoot Wines, is slated for May 17 th from 7:00pm to 10:00pm.   This event, which is free and open to the public, will take place in the Flood Gallery located in the Phil Mechanic Studios building (109 Roberts Street, Asheville River Arts District, 28801).   For more information, please visit www.floodgallery.org or call 828.254.2166.

"Robert Winkler, an accomplished artist from New York City, has come to Asheville bringing the inherent energy of the big apple to share in the expansion of visual communication," says Sean "Jinx" Pace, Vice Chairman of the Board and Co-founder of Flood Gallery Fine Art Center.   "His work is rhythmic, calming, and brings to mind the genetic and atomic relationships that sustain life's connection to matter."

Winkler, drawn to Asheville by the fabled Black Mountain College, utilizes an array of experiences that derive as much from his travels in Europe, Africa and Latin America as from his time spent at the Cleveland Institute of Art, Ohio State University and the School of Visual Arts in New York.   It is these combined experiences that ultimately inform his distinct compositional use of volume, balance and form -- resembling objects of stop motion and translating into what one critic described as "captured energy."

Flood Gallery is proud to host such an exciting exhibition and looks forward to Robert and Arlene Winkler's third annual RiverSculpture Festival, scheduled to open in September 2008.   For more information regarding "Lines: Sculpture by Robert Winkler," please visit www.floodgallery.org or contact Renee Cagnina, Assistant Director at 828.254.2166.