Diverse, The Contemporary Female Gaze

Works by Angela Cunningham, Melisa Cadell, and Anne Bessac

anne bessac exhibit opens Nov 21st at the Flood Gallery
Anne Bessac
melisa Cadell
Melisa Cadell works open Nov 21st 2020 from 6pm to 9pm
Angela Cunningham at the Flood Gallery
Diverse, The Contemporary Female Gaze, Nov 21, 6pm to 9pm

The Female Gaze is a distinctive, but not a preordained schema based on a single perspective of the female gender. The rich diversity of the contemporary female gaze is shown by each artist, using distinctively different visual strategies to engage the human figure. Through this process, they have been opened to the interaction among themselves and their various working strategies. Although this process has been limited by Covid-19, all three artists valued the cross pollination of ideas that occurred, and their individual commitment to their own working process, and feeling energized by the exchange that this exhibit made possible.