Nancy Moore and Mary Montes

Art Works by Nancy Moore and Mary Montes

Mixed Media by Mary Montes
Watercolor by Nancy Moore

Nancy Moore and Mary Montes Exhibition at the Flood Gallery May 23rd.

The Flood Gallery Fine Art Center is pleased to announce a new art exhibition featuring the Watercolors of Nancy Moore and the Pastel and Mixed Media art of Mary Montes, May 23rd  at the gallery located at 850 Blue Ridge Rd in Black Mountain, NC.

Nancy Moore will be exhibiting her watercolor images produced over the last several years. Nancy thinks of herself as a facilitator of Self-healing: one who carries tools, stands by, holds prayers, is a bridge, attentive. She does this through the creation of her visionary mixed media paintings.    When insight comes from a place of peace, there is energy and life. Nancy’s intuitive creations are responses to the light she senses in the human spirit. Using watercolors, colored pencils and inks, she develops spiritual landscapes. When Nancy is with her creative muse, what emerges is an awareness of oneness with her inner voice.   Nancy Moore began her artist’s journey as a young child by coloring the illustrations in the dictionary. Since receiving a degree in Fine Arts at Pennsylvania State University, Nancy has participated in many solo and juried exhibitions, receiving numerous awards. Her healing work can currently be seen in galleries in North and South Carolina.    Nancy believes that as we each access inner peace, this peace extends out into our partnerships, families, and communities. She is committed to serve in a supportive role as a Facilitator and Ordained Ministerial Counselor. She uses gentleness and intuitive guidance to create sacred space that assists the participant in expanding their awareness of Love’s Presence.

Mary Montes is an Abstract Expressionist painter who fuses representation with abstraction. While studying fine art at Barry University and the University of Miami she developed a painterly style that accentuates her mastery in drawing with a lively application of line and color. The result is an aesthetic distinctively her own.  As a woman painter, her sensitivity to the figure is beautifully melded with an emotive portrayal of her subject matter.    In 2006, she would have the opportunity to continue her training at the Department of Art at the University of Miami with master painter, Brian Curtis and her art took a different direction.  Although focused on classical drawing and painting, she soon began dabbling in more abstracted works, clearly influenced by the likes of Willem de Kooning, Richard Diebenkorn and Robert Rauschenberg whom she came to know in his later years. She continues to work under the mentorship of Curtis to this day.  Montes’ current work is primarily oil and pastel, incorporating watercolor into her large-scale abstract paintings. Her paintings capture the immediacy of color, while preserving a thoughtful drawing quality.     Montes’ work has been exhibited in the Lowe Art Museum, College of Arts and Science at Miami University, Andy Gato Galleries, Museum of Contemporary Art (North Miami), and private art shows in Miami Beach.  The exhibit opens May 23rd from 6pm to 9pm and will be on display until July 25th and is free and open to the public Masks will be provided, Each gallery may be limited to 10 viewers at a time, depending on the opening rules on that date.  This event will also be streamed live on Facebook.